About Us

About us


Valenti Parquet is a brand of Özgüven Orman Ürünleri (Forestry Products), which started its story in 1955 and undertook a corporate identity in 1992.

The quality of Valenti Parquet, the quality of which is based on its experience in the parquet industry, manufactures high standard quality products in Engineered Flooring, and is constantly improving its machinery to increase its capacity and diversity in the manufacture of Engineered Parquet Flooring.

Valenti Parquet, which produces special colors for projects, uses high quality and valuable wood from trees such as Oak, Walnut, Iroko and Sapelli to manufacture products such as Plank, Chevron, Herringbone and Marquetry in addition to keeping its collection up-to-date by continuously improving its product range and variety of colors.

Valenti Parquet, which employs trained and expert staff from the production of Engineered Flooring to the sales department, provides not only sales but also installation services with its professional laying crew.